• Writers For Relief

    Writers For Relief

    The Writers for Relief anthologies feature collections of short fiction by top talents in the realms of fantasy and science fiction writing. The first and second volumes have brought help to Hurricane Katrina survivors through the Red Cross and the Bay Area Food Bank, respectively. Read More

    By Davey Beauchamp $8.99
  • Wicked Initiations

    Wicked Initiations

    Vladdir, King of the underground Temlochti State, is cast out into the Desert when his kingdom is invaded by Aragoths – strange soldiers controlled by the Sorcerer Ilet, who has made no demands and is destroying everything without reason. Read More

    By Jennifer Rahn $4.99
  • When the Villian Comes Home

    When the Villian Comes Home

    Heroes can save the world, but villains can change it. Read More

    By Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood (Editors) $6.99
  • When the Hero Comes Home (Vol 2)

    When the Hero Comes Home (Vol 2)

    They say you can never go home again… Read More

    By Gabrielle Harbowy $8.99
  • When the Hero Comes Home

    When the Hero Comes Home

    Read More

    By Edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood $6.99
  • Twilight of the Fifth Sun

    Twilight of the Fifth Sun

    Amid the ruins of Ancient Mexico, a prophecy predicts the end of the Fifth Sun, the universal destruction of our own time. Read More

    By David Sakmyster $4.99
  • True Magics (Thomas Flarety, Book 3)

    True Magics (Thomas Flarety, Book 3)

    Thomas Flarety, Captain of the Student Expeditionary Company and hero of the battle for Frostmire, thought that convincing the Academy to take Eileen as their first female student in more than 200 years would bring him trouble enough. Then stories of Thomas’s magic reached Hawksmouth. Read More

    By Erik Buchanan $4.99
  • Triptych


    Read More

    By J.M. Frey $4.99
  • Toothless


    An ancient evil leads a rampaging army of demons and undead warriors across the countryside. Martin, a failed Templar, is slain on the field of battle only to be reanimated in service to the very evil he hoped to destroy. Read More

    By J.P. Moore $4.99
  • Too Many Princes

    Too Many Princes

    Brastigan knows it well enough; he is 13th in line for the throne, and he is bored. A misfit and rogue, Brastigan keeps busy drinking and fighting, until one day he nearly dies in a brawl. Read More

    By Deby Fredericks $19.99
  • Time Twist

    Time Twist

    Caught in time… In the 21st century, humanity still believes they are alone in the universe. That changes. Temporal experiments from the future go wrong, and an innocent bystander, Catriona Logan, is suddenly thrust into a future where the Earth is a wasteland. Read More

    By Lizzy Shannon $4.99
  • The Shadebinders Oath

    The Shadebinders Oath

    Farren, a journeyman cabinetmaker, sees the dead. Read More

    By Jeanette Cottrell $4.99
  • The Necromancers Bones

    The Necromancers Bones

    Chimi Has a Secret. Young and pretty, Chimi dreams of a bright future. She also has a secret: Chimi sees ghosts. Restless spirits follow her everywhere. Read More

    By Deby Fredericks, Deby $4.99
  • The Magister’s Mask

    The Magister’s Mask

    Shenza Waik of Tresmeer is a young woman who has just completed her training as magister, a school of sorcery with a specialty in criminal investigation. Then the first lord who rules her home is shockingly murdered, and an innocent man is arrested for the crime. Read More

    By Deby Fredericks $4.99
  • The Longevity Thesis

    The Longevity Thesis

    Deformed by the desert he had been born in, Antronos had fought hard to overcome the stigma of being a surface dweller and make his place in the underground civilization of the Temlochti State. Read More

    By Jennifer Rahn $4.99
  • The Human Thing

    The Human Thing

    Captain Jillian D’Lange is a woman with a promising future…until she gets caught in an explosion meant for someone else. Eight months later, she emerges from a coma only to find that the galaxy is a very different place. Read More

    By Kathleen Nelson $4.99
  • The Gryphon Highlord

    The Gryphon Highlord

    In the aftermath of a horrific accident, the Regent of Thylana orders all magic-users permanently banished. But many years have passed, and now the outcasts and exiles wish to return. Secretly, the Regent’s niece, the Princess Kathedra, supports their claim, but holds no sway with her uncle. Read More

    By Connie Willis $19.99
  • The Empress Sword

    The Empress Sword

    Jaxton leads you easily into a story of magic, growing up and consequences. The Empress Sword takes the well-known young prince slays dragon story and tips it upside down and inside out in the most delightful ways. Read More

    By Paulette Jaxton $4.99
  • The Dragon Reborn

    The Dragon Reborn

    Sacrificed as a young virgin, Lathwi is instead raised by the dragon Taziem. Thrust cruelly back into the world of man, Lathwi is confronted with evil, a nasty sorcerer named Malcolm Blackheart and a demented demon, determined to take over the world. Read More

    By Kathleen Nelson $4.99
  • The Darkling Band

    The Darkling Band

    Two best friends in 13th-Century Germany set out across towns, tundra and mountains to find one of the friend Read More

    By Jason Henderson $19.99
  • The Complete Guide to Writing the Paranormal Novel: V1

    The Complete Guide to Writing the Paranormal Novel: V1

    Friendly. Useful. Current. Written by a collection of well-known authors for new authors, The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels: Volume 1 covers a wide range of topics necessary for building your first paranormal novel. Paranormal novels are found in all sections of the fiction bookstore. Read More

    By Kim Richards (Editor) $9.99
  • The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: V1

    The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: V1

    The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: Volume One is a comprehensive writer’s guide for the amateur to semi-pro writer on the genre of science fiction. Read More

    By Dave Law $9.99
  • The Complete Guide to Writing for Young Adults

    The Complete Guide to Writing for Young Adults

    Read More

    By Edited by Gabrielle Harbowy $9.99
  • The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: V3

    The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: V3

    The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Volume 3 offers something for fantasy authors, new or experience, providing advice and detailed instruction for creating a believable fantasy world. Read More

    By Valerie Griswold-Ford $9.99
  • The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: V2

    The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: V2

    Tee Morris and Valerie Griswold-Ford team up as editors for the title that picks up where Alchemy With Words leaves off. The Opus Magus takes on the advanced topics of writing fantasy including incorporating horror, mystery, herbalism and advanced world building. Read More

    By Valerie Griswold-Ford; Tee Morris (editors) $9.99
  • The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: V1

    The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: V1

    Written by new and established voices of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Alchemy With Words offers something for writers at all levels. Its sage advice will help you avoid many amateur mistakes. Explore World Building, Religions, Food, Fighting & Weaponry and much more, to craft an exceptional story. Read More

    By Darin Park & Tom Dullemond $9.99
  • Sword Masters

    Sword Masters

    Tarius, the daughter of a great warrior, is determined to avenge the death of her parents, despite her country’s archaic rules of the place of women, or her breaking down those rules – especially the one that says women can’t wield steel. Read More

    By Selina Rosen $4.99
  • Spells and Swashbucklers

    Spells and Swashbucklers

    Magic, monsters, mayhem… AND PIRATES! The moon is full, floating above the black ocean waters. Read More

    By Valerie Griswold-Ford (Editor) $4.99
  • Sorcerers of War

    Sorcerers of War

    Sorcerers of War is the tale of a mismatched band of knights, wizards and adventurers as they embark on a dangerous quest to save a fantastical realm from evil sorcery! As a child, Conrad Hikes dreamed of becoming a knight of the Kingdom of Yaul. Read More

    By Kristan Proudman $19.99
  • Solomon’s Grave

    Solomon’s Grave

    Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel! Nathan Dinneck’s new role as pastor may be shorter than he expects. For thousands of years a secret has been hidden from the world and protected from those who covet its power. Read More

    By Daniel Keohane $4.99
  • Small Magics

    Small Magics

    In a world where no one really believes in magic, one man is stealing all that’s left… Read More

    By Erik Buchanan $4.99
  • Silver and Gold

    Silver and Gold

    The Yukon Territory, 1895 A reclusive prospector comes to the aid of a Smithsonian explorer after she dares the frozen wilderness to capture a legendary beast known as the Sesquat. In his cabin, waiting out the storm, he regales her with the stunning and tragic tale of his life. Read More

    By David Sakmyster $4.99
  • Shield of the Summer Prince

    Shield of the Summer Prince

    Bloodbreaker Though the knight Ovelia Dracaris swore to defend the Blood of Denerre with her life, hers was the dishonored hand that felled the Winter King. Read More

    By Erik Scott de Bie $4.99
  • Shadow of the Winter King

    Shadow of the Winter King

    [/tabber] Read More

    By Erik Scott de Bie $4.99
  • Scimitar’s Heir

    Scimitar’s Heir

    Gold Winner, Fantasy: Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards Books 1 and 2 both won GOLD in the Foreword Book of the Year Awards. The sea hath no wrath like a seamage betrayed. Cynthia Flaxal and Feldrin Brelak desperately pursue the mer who have stolen their son. Read More

    By Chris Jackson $4.99
  • Scimitar War

    Scimitar War

    The final Scimitar Seas novel in the award-winning series! Between the devil and the deep blue sea Read More

    By Chris Jackson $4.99
  • Scimitar Sun

    Scimitar Sun

    The Shattered Isles are at peace. Or so it seems. The vile pirate lord, Bloodwind, has been vanquished, and Cynthia Flaxal has everything she always dreamed of: the mystical powers of a seamage, a successful shipyard, the love of a great man, and a child on the way. Read More

    By Chris Jackson $4.99
  • Scimitar Moon

    Scimitar Moon

    Gold Winner, Fantasy: Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards The pirates of the Shattered Isles live and die by on simple oath: By blood, by wind, by water and wave, loyal as one, or a watery grave Read More

    By Chris Jackson $4.99
  • Rum and Runestones

    Rum and Runestones

    We are, we are Pirates! Pirates and magic. Tall ships and dark rum intermingle with spells and romance in this collection of short stories of nautical derring-do guaranteed to send chills and thrills down your spine. Join the crew, and push off to worlds unknown. Just be warned… Read More

    By Valerie Griswold-Ford $8.99
  • Podthology


    Dragged from the dark recesses of fourteen imaginations and into the light cast by podcasting, The Pod Complex brings together sixteen dark, light and twisted tales from the podosphere and then five more about podcasting itself. Read More

    By Tim Reynolds $8.99
  • Operation: Save the Innocent (V2)

    Operation: Save the Innocent (V2)

    John Reese thought it was all over – all except for the nightmares. As he begins his teaching career, John Reese is suddenly recalled to active duty. The strings behind the recall come from a dark governmental agency buried deep within the Pentagon as well as the American political system. Read More

    By Tony Ruggiero $4.99
  • Operation: Immortal Servitude (V1)

    Operation: Immortal Servitude (V1)

    Tony Ruggiero’s “revamped” Team of Darkness story: During the peacekeeping operations in the Kosovo region of the Balkans, a group of vampires are discovered by the American forces. Read More

    By Tony Ruggiero $4.99
  • Operation: Face the Fear

    Operation: Face the Fear

    Commander John Reese is surrounded by those he cannot trust. The Agency wants the young female vampires recovered at any cost or he will spend his remaining years in Fort Leavenworth prisonif hes lucky. Read More

    By Tony Ruggiero $4.99
  • Operation: End Game

    Operation: End Game

    In his final volume, award-nominated author Tony Ruggiero weaves a tale of intrigue, secrecy and choices. Read More

    By Tony Ruggiero $4.99
  • Not Your Fathers Horseman

    Not Your Fathers Horseman

    FINALIST FOR ForeWord Magazine’s Best Science Fiction of 2005 Co-editor and contributor of the award-nominated Fantasy Writer’s Series, Valerie Griswold-Ford presents her debut novel, Not Your Father’s Horseman. Read More

    By Valerie Griswold-Ford $19.99
  • Nina Kimberly the Merciless

    Nina Kimberly the Merciless

    *She’s on a mission to kill the man who loves her. Why? Because he’s an idiot. Ten years ago, Nina Kimberly the Merciless was cheated out of the life of adventure that she truly deserves. Read More

    By Christiana Ellis $4.99
  • Murder at Avedon Hill

    Murder at Avedon Hill

    WELCOME TO THE LAND OF CAERN, where the gods – the Children of Az -can choose to be born into the world as mortals to directly affect events… and often do. And where the conflict between religious faith and arcane magic has reached a breaking point. Read More

    By P.G. Holyfield $4.99
  • Mind Over Mind

    Mind Over Mind

    Deryl Stephen’s uncontrollable telepathic abilities have landed him in a mental health institution, where no one believes in his powers. Read More

    By Karina Fabian $4.99
  • Mind Over All

    Mind Over All

    Read More

    By Karina L. Fabian $4.99
  • Legends of the Serai

    Legends of the Serai

    – Three Stones – Three Powers – Three Lives Intertwined – Young Cara’sen is Moon-Chosen, Lead-Officer in the Overseer’s Special Guild, descendant of a goddess, and the estranged daughter of a powerful admiral. Read More

    By J.C. Hall $4.99
  • Lachlei


    Two thousand years after the world’s total destruction, Areyn Sehduk, the god of death, has returned to rekindle the war. Appearing as a warrior from a rival clan, Areyn slays the king of the Lochvaur, knowing that he can shift the balance in the world of mortals. Read More

    By M.H. Bonham $4.99
  • Jabone’s Sword

    Jabone’s Sword

    Jabone is the birth son of Tarius the Black and Arvon, but was raised by four parents. Read More

    By Selina Rosen $4.99
  • Impact Velocity

    Impact Velocity

    Jake has finally found peace and a family with the man he loves. But when the unimaginable happens, Jake finds himself on the run with his greatest enemy and the man who betrayed them both. Read More

    By Leah Petersen $4.99
  • Howling Dead

    Howling Dead

    Which earrings look best with fur? Kira Walker is a geek and UNIX systems administrator who has a bad hair day at least once a month. Read More

    By M.H. Bonham $4.99
  • Firestorm of Dragons

    Firestorm of Dragons

    “Dragonscaling!” is a tongue-in-cheek look at a future where the world’s most extreme sport involves the use of genetically engineered creatures. Read More

    By Michele Michele Acker $4.99
  • Fighting Gravity

    Fighting Gravity

    When Jacob Dawes is selected for the Imperial Intellectual Complex as a child, he Read More

    By Leah Petersen $4.99
  • Eden


    The tree is beautiful and they call her Eden. Her branches reach for the stars. She is like all other trees on planet Earth save for her enormous size. Still, she has leaves and she has bark. She turns sunlight into life. Read More

    By Phil Rossi $4.99
  • Dominion


    “The first time I entered the dreamworld–the world of the dead, the underworld, the world from which I speak to you now–I was not quite twenty years old. Read More

    By J.Y.T. Kennedy $4.99
  • Dick Richards: Private Eye

    Dick Richards: Private Eye

    “A fun and quirky adventure – Chris Wong Sick Hong is an author to watch!” – Patricia Briggs Dick Richards lives and breathes a world full to bursting with technology and magic, wonder and whimsy. Read More

    By Chris Wong Sick Hong $4.99
  • Destiny’s War

    Destiny’s War

    Read More

    By Marie Bilodeau $4.99
  • Destiny’s Fall

    Destiny’s Fall

    Read More

    By Marie Bilodeau $4.99
  • Destiny’s Blood

    Destiny’s Blood

    Layela Delamores wants nothing more than to settle into a quiet, peaceful life, running a small flower shop with her twin sister, Yoma. But Layela is tormented each night by terrifying visions that she cannot remember when she wakes. Read More

    By Marie Bilodeau $4.99
  • Desperate Measures

    Desperate Measures

    Read More

    By Kathleen H. Nelson $4.99
  • Daughter of Dragons

    Daughter of Dragons

    Read More

    By Kathleen H. Nelson $4.99
  • Darwin’s Paradox

    Darwin’s Paradox

    A devastating disease. A world on the brink of violent change. And one woman who can save it or destroy it all. Read More

    By Nina Munteanu $4.99
  • Dark Moon Seasons

    Dark Moon Seasons

    The Universe is Balanced. That tenet is taught to every Mage and Lord ever born. Light Magic, Earth Magic and Shadow Magic mingle on Earth, with portals to the Dawn Lands and the Shadow Lands dotted around it. Read More

    By Valerie Griswold-Ford $4.99
  • Cursed: Black Swan (A Fixer Novel)

    Cursed: Black Swan (A Fixer Novel)

    “Let’s get one thing straight—I’m a fixer. You need someone murdered? Then hire an assassin. You need something stolen? Call a thief. But if there’s something no one else can do, or a job that no one else wants, then you talk to me. Read More

  • Collaborators


    When a crippled Terran spaceship makes landfall on an alien world. The Terrans land, unaware that their advanced technology threatens the fragile balance of power for the native race. Aliens, for whom gender has a very different meaning and whose instincts can drive a crowd to madness. Read More

    By Deborah Wheeler $4.99
  • Cold Magics

    Cold Magics

    Thomas Flarety has magic. He used it to destroy a corrupt bishop who tried to steal all the world’s magic for himself. And so far, Thomas has managed to keep it a secret. Then raiders attack the northern Duchy of Frostmire with fire and magic. Read More

    By Erik Buchanan $4.99
  • Cascade Effect

    Cascade Effect

    Jake has married his emperor, but happily ever after is for fairy tales. The empire is restless. The nobility isn’t hiding their distaste for Jake, the unclass who married the emperor. Read More

    By Leah Petersen $4.99
  • Angel of Chaos

    Angel of Chaos

    In 2095 Darwin’s Evolution kills. Darwin’s Disease is tearing apart the ordered peace of North America. Julie Crane is a brilliant data handler with a unique talent for finding the impossible fast, and getting into trouble even faster. Read More

    By Nina Munteanu $4.99
  • Alien Revelation

    Alien Revelation

    In the sequel to Alien Deception, Greg is visited by a mysterious alien who claims to have the answers that he seeks Read More

    By Tony Ruggiero $4.99
  • Alien Deception

    Alien Deception

    From the imagination of Tony Ruggiero, the author of the long awaited and soon to be released Declassified Files of the Team of Darkness series–comes classic space opera with a Stanley Kubrick twist. Read More

    By Tony Ruggiero $4.99
  • 3-in-1 Thomas Flarety Books

    3-in-1 Thomas Flarety Books

    All three Thomas Flarety Books are included in this bundle, at one hot price! Small Magics ISBN-p 978-1-896944-48-7     ISBN-e 978-1-896944-50-0     $19.95/$4. Read More