• Win a Destiny Bundle!

    Win a Destiny Bundle!

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  • Destiny’s Bundle and Destiny’s War

    Destiny’s Bundle and Destiny’s War

    The fabulous series by Marie Bilodeau wraps up today with Destiny’s War. Officially releasing on January 21, 2014, you can get an early release ebook copy here only before the holiday season! Available in both epub and Kindle formats, we also have a bundle of all three books (if you’re like me and like to wait until a series is finished before starting!) and at a great price. Read More

  • When the Hero Comes Home: 2

    When the Hero Comes Home: 2

    When the Hero Comes Home: 2 is available now! For a limited time, you can save when you buy the ebook directly from us before it goes on sale at retailers. Please grab a copy today and support these fantastic authors. They say you can never go home again… Join us within these pages for all-new stories of heroes whose journeys have ended; whose quests and missions have been won—or lost—as they discover the fate of the people and places they’d left behind. With masterful tales by: Maggie Anderson Jacquelyn Bartel Jillian Boehme Chaz Brenchley K.T. Bryski Suzanne Church Elaine Cunningham Fanny Valentine Darling Erin M. Evans Ed Greenwood Gabrielle Harbowy Larry C. Kay Derek Künsken Mercedes Lackey K.D. McEntire Robert Neilson Diana Peterfreund Leah Petersen Mary Pletsch Dan Rabarts Mike Rimar Deborah J. Ross Andrea G. Stewart James L. Read More

  • Silver and Gold Gets an Update

    Silver and Gold Gets an Update

    Silver and Gold, by David Sakmyster, got an update this week. Read More

  • Desperate Measures

    Desperate Measures

    Desperate Measures by Kathleen H. Read More

  • Mind Over Psyche

    Mind Over Psyche

    Mind Over Psyche by Karina Fabian Is in production and due to release shortly. Didn’t the cover turn out fabulously? (Many thanks to illustrator extraordinaire Charles Bernard!) Want to get it at a pre-pub discount? Grab your copy here before the price goes up. Read More