Artistic Submissions — Book Cover and Interior Artwork

Artistic Submissions — Book Cover and Interior Artwork

We receive as many artistic submissions as we do book submissions, so, like our books… very few are chosen. You’ll notice from our covers that we have a couple of styles that we tend to stick to, and that’s because it’s what we like. If your art style is too far from what we like, the odds are we won’t have a project for you any time soon–but I won’t say we never will!

So here’s what you do:

Send an email to our Art Director:  art   @

The subject line MUST be: ARTISTIC SUBMISSION or your email will go to our spam filters and never be seen again.

The body of your email should contain a link to a web based portfolio with examples of your work. Do NOT attach pictures or that fabulous spam filter will eat your email. (We practice serious virus avoidance techniques!)

Include your contact information and general rates for a full color cover. (Our general basic requirements are easy: CMYK, 300dpi or greater at 13×10)

We are interested in exclusive use of the image for our book cover and marketing materials. You may sell the original piece if it is a painting, but we ask that you do not sell the image again without first talking to us. We do not want to see other books out there with the same image on them.

Keep in touch with us periodically to update us with new works etc. We always look for new artists when we have a suitable cover, so we review those portfolios regularly.

Befriend us on Facebook too, we’d really like that.

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