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Koragi is a promising young seamstress who longs to open her own tailoring shop in her home village of Cordak. But strange cultists attack Koragi during the annual harvest festival in the capital, where Tebanis, the handsome militia captain from her village, mysteriously takes the form of a black dog to track and rescue her. They return to Cordak to find their village devastated, a golden dragon lying dead in the smoldering ruins.

Tebanis reveals that Koragi is a god-child, and she must cast aside her simple life in order to awaken the full capacity of her birthright. As she grieves the deaths of her worldly mother and countless other villagers, Koragi is compelled to embark on a quest to find her Pearls of Power and battle agents of the wicked goddess Ariana, whilst the fabled dragons seek to kill her to bring an end to the age-old Gods War.

Facing treachery and the agony of loss, can Koragi overcome her own fears and the fury of dragons in order to defeat a darkness foretold millennia ago?