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I don't want to give away one moment of this excellent book. It grips you by the throat in the first paragraph and won't let go. I was gifted a copy by a friend who knew I had loved Raven's Daughter. This one is even better. Buckle up for a wild ride as Peggy Wheeler takes you along through the life and times of Maggie, who never it seems will get the quiet life she longs for. Excellent writing! Realistic dialogue. I am fan girling over this book.

Shoshana Edwards

Maggie Tall Bear Sloan, half Irish, half Yurok, and one-hundred percent gutsy, is a retired criminologist who shapeshifts into the Pukkekwerek, the Yurok nation’s monster-killing raven. After she brings down a cannibalistic child murderer possessed by a Manitou, Maggie, and her lover, Jake Lubbock, a former sheriff, move from the mountains in Northern California to a desert town in southern California. Maggie and Jake settle into their new community; with one goal, an enjoyable retirement. She buys a pub, Jake writes a book, they both join the town’s law enforcement reserves, spending Sundays with family.

All is well for Maggie and Jake until the local sheriff shows them photos of a dentist, his wife, and teenage son, roasted over separate fires on spits, their flesh cannibalized. The police dub the murderer, “The Aunt Lorrie’s Salt Killer,” because the murderer’s calling card is a container of the salt balanced on the victims’ corpses. Maggie suspects The Salt Killer may be The Chenoo, an ice-demon from Passamaquoddy and Micmac lore.

The sheriff calls on Maggie and Jake to lead a task force to investigate, and that’s when things get strange. To complicate things, Sally, a ghost, and Maggie’s closest friend, materializes to warn Maggie of an impending and unavoidable tragedy: someone close to Maggie will die.