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A Sort of Justice

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Half-alien Mark Praed’s mind-reading powers make him the right man to complete demanding assignments for the Commonwealth Intelligence Service. When his last mission leaves him betrayed and tortured, he faces perils worse than intergalactic traitors and spies: a new job and a partner.

Forced to transfer from CIS to the Commonwealth’s counterterrorist task force, Praed is partnered with Alexandra Lansing. Alex is a by-the-book task force veteran of two years who isn’t fond of change. And the auburn-haired beauty is far from happy working with a partner who can read her mind whenever he feels like it.

Their first operation together is an easy one: Jonathan Reul is suspected of selling arms from The Groves, a resort planet he owns. They are to watch him and discover if task force suspicions are correct.

After working solo for two years at CIS, Praed is finding it difficult working with a partner. Alex wants to micromanage him, and her interfering annoys him. Added to that is her intense curiosity about his history. Her constant questions are too invasive for his liking.

But as ghosts from his past rear their ugly heads, the team’s simple observe-and-report operation quickly becomes a life or death battle. Can they come together and apprehend their quarry, or will he slip away?

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