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Daughter of Dragons

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Sacrificed as a young virgin, Lathwi is instead raised by the dragon Taziem. Thrust cruelly back into the world of man, Lathwi is confronted with evil, a nasty sorcerer named Malcolm Blackheart and a demented demon, determined to take over the world. Lathwi must gather the dragons of her past to save her future and earn her own dragon wings.


I truly enjoy a book that is so captivating, that I'm willing to pass up a good night's sleep in order to finish it. Daughter of Dragons was the first K.N. work I had the pleasure of reading, and it was a real treat. Extremely good character development, intriguing (but not typical) plotline, and name creativity that I've never seen the likes of before. Keep up the great writing K.N., your readership is eager for more! -- Sue Guzman, San Jose, CA

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