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Lachlei by M.H. Bonham

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5.0 out of 5 stars A pick for fantasy collections everywhere., May 6, 2008

By Midwest Book Review

The god of death and annihilator of the human race walks among them. "Lachlei" is the story of a queen who faces off against clan led by the god of death, and faced with the daunting task of defeating him and avenging her husband. The emergence of a god of warriors to counter act the god of death makes the odds more interesting, as Lachlei finds herself the focus of two gods, both who want to do vastly different things to her. "Lachlei" is a deftly written and intriguing fantasy novel from first page to last and a pick for fantasy collections everywhere.
Product Description

Two thousand years after the world's total destruction, Areyn Sehduk, the god of death, has returned to rekindle the war. Appearing as a warrior from a rival clan, Areyn slays the king of the Lochvaur, knowing that he can shift the balance in the world of mortals.

But the king's death brings an unlikely adversary. Lachlei, the queen of the Lochvaur, proves to be a daunting warrior. Swearing vengeance against the rival clan, Lachlei thrusts her people into a deadly war against demons and undead.

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