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Operation: Immortal Servitude by Tony Ruggiero (Volume 1) Ebook

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"Team of Darkness is a thoroughly entertaining adventure novel that will appeal to both fans of that genre and readers of fantasy who like a bit of thought with their action. And, though it seems all the dilemmas the characters face are completely resolved, there seems to be an underlying hint that there is more to come. One can only hope." -- Elizabeth K Burton, The Blue Iris Journal

"Tony Ruggiero served 23 years in the US Navy, and he has made excellent use of his experiences in this book. The characters and organization in this novel are entertaining, believable and very consistent. Add to this a very easy to read writing style and there's a lot to recommend in this novel. I'm not the most frequent horror reader as I often find there can be too much of a reliance on gore to shock the reader, but that is not the case here. This is simply a well-constructed, tightly plotted, fun to read novel." -- Steve Mazey, The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction Web Site

"Believe in vampires? Creatures of the night? They can suck the life out of their victims and bring terror in the wake of their attacks. Once you've read Tony Ruggiero's newest horror thriller, TEAM OF DARKNESS, you will. Ruggiero brings us on a hyper-coaster ride using his 23 years in the US Navy, to write a hypnotic plot about a nest of vampires used by a United States Navy general to fight the War on Drugs. So wait until dusk, and under the cover of night, TEAM OF DARKNESS will mesmerize you with its realism and fluid writing style. And maybe, just maybe make you wish they come to your city." -- Michael L. Thal, Scribes World Reviews

"I am a fan of vampire stories and I really enjoyed this radically different approach to vampires and to vampire stories. Tony Ruggiero has managed to create chillingly inhuman vampires and yet despite of that you end up rooting for them as they battle against the cold inhumanity of the military. He raises some interesting questions of morality, both among the vampires and the military that would use them." -- Linda Suzane,

"Tony Ruggiero delivers an entertaining and surprisingly compelling novel. I was especially impressed with his handling of military details. He gives the reader enough information without overdoing the technicalities. Team of Darkness has that cool Commando type feel (think Wolf's Hour on a smaller scale) to it. I found myself really wanting to find out what happens in the next chapter. Ruggiero writes with a skilled seamless style that makes Team of Darkness a real find." -- Paukla Sahraoul, Horror World Review

Product Description

During the peacekeeping operations in the Kosovo region of the Balkans, a group of vampires are discovered by the American forces. The report of the discovery attracts the interest of the commander of the elite and highly secretive organization; the United States Special Operations Command, who sends in his own personnel to investigate.

When the General learns that the creatures actually exist, his team, led by Navy Commander John Reese, devises a method of capture and brings the vampires back to the United States. Once the creature's abilities have been proven and can be controlled, the General sets his own personal and secret plan of revenge in motion against the large drug cartels of South America by sending in his special ops team to kill, codename: Team of Darkness.

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