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The Empress Sword - Paulette Jaxton

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Jaxton leads you easily into a story of magic, growing up and consequences. The Empress Sword takes the well-known young prince slays dragon story and tips it upside down and inside out in the most delightful ways. ~Philippa Ballantine, author of Geist and Spectyr

The Empress Sword is a wonderfully vivid tale with a most intriguing twist. Just the right mix of light humor and quirky characters that kept the pages turning and left me wanting more... What a delightful tale! ~Chris A. Jackson, author of Scimitar Moon, a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Gold Medal Winner

The Empress Sword carries the reader on an unexpected journey full of excitement, mystery, and new perspectives. ~Christiana Ellis, award-winning writer and podcaster

A brave prince, a ferocious dragon, and a magic sword are all familiar elements of the classic adventure story. But for thirteen-year-old Prince Aster of Caledon, the quest for the Empress Sword--the only magic strong enough to defeat the dragon menacing his kingdom--is just the beginning. Aster has always been told that wielding great magic requires a sacrifice, but what the Empress Sword demands from him is the last thing he ever expected to lose: his own identity as crown prince and the king's only son.

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