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To paradise they sailed—
There once was a world where hula dancers were experts at spear fighting, where a blind warrior taught his students healing arts...

Where adventure ruled— well as savage fighting. And where young people could build and sail a canoe on voyages to unknown lands.

Where danger waited...
That world was Hawai’i.

The illegitimate child of Maui’s King, Kolea, is spirited away to Molokai and raised in seclusion by a mysterious Hula Dancer and a blind warrior. Trained as a warrior, he is pursued by his evil half-brother.

A daring escape in a voyaging canoe leads Kolea and the other warriors north, and the adventure continues as the Hawai’ian men and women meet natives of the North American Coast and join a community of Tlingit Indians.

But ever yearning for his true destiny, Kolea and the voyagers eventually travel south and point their hearts and the bows of their canoe toward home.

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