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A Conspiracy of Drakes

In the beginning, there were only dragons and The Divine.

The Divine granted dragons dominion over the world, and they lived uncontested as sophisticated apex predators.

Then men shinnied down from the trees.  

At first, they saw dragons as gods, and all was well. Then Quetzalcoatl, eldest of the drakena, began to meddle in mankind’s evolution. She taught men how to think and to reason. She taught them ways other than fear. In return, men usurped the Divine’s favor and began to hunt dragons down like beasts. The drakena went into hiding. The drakes fought back with tooth, nail, and fire, but could not withstand humanity’s superior numbers. By the end of the fourth age, the few surviving males were all in hiding, too.

Now, in the waning days of the fifth age,Tezcatlipoca, the eldest surviving drake sees his chance to re-establish himself as the world’s supreme being. Aided by his chief ally, Rasputin, he summons drakes from around the world to his hidden compound and persuades them to join him in his quest. Two dragons, however, oppose his plan: his meddlesome older sister, Quetzalcoatl, and an ambitious lesser drake who has his own designs on the next age.

The conspiracy is real. The fate of humanity is at stake. Which ancient grudge will prevail?

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