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Song of Life

Crops won’t grow and forests are dying.
There are whispers of Tigris villages burned to the ground.
Of Leighn Fairy outcasts cutting off their wings.
Of Kalantian children gone missing.
And of a dark rising.

For Blue, the discordant notes in the land means one thing: Something is happening to magic.

The Nubien Massacre twenty years ago left Blue the last of his kind—the last of those able to hear the land’s voice. It was the start of magic’s erosion from the Kingdoms and minds of its people.

Most thought magic vanished, but Blue knows better. It’s still there and it’s in trouble. Without it, all Seven Kingdoms will go the way of Blue’s people.

Now Blue and his mismatched company of revolutionaries, outcasts, and murderers, are all that stands between the Seven Kingdoms and a deathless plague as old as magic itself.

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