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Does more than continue the adventures of Lathwi; it captures the reader and takes them for a magic-carpet ride! I laughed, cried, squirmed in my seat and cried out warnings as I turned the pages of this wonderful work.

Pat Hall

Taziem and Lathwi are back in a new adventure. And the stakes have never been higher.

TAZIEM IS A MAGNIFICENT DRAGON: sexy, powerful, intelligent. Like other dragons, she hoards diamonds, but unlike other dragons, she covets knowledge as well. This drive for knowledge has forced her out of her cave and into the world of humans on more than one occasion. But this time, the stakes are even higher-for Taz and for her human-born dragonling, Lathwi.

In the five years since the downfall of Malcolm Blackheart and his dark Mistress, Lathwi has led a life free of human complications. But now two old acquaintances intrude on her solitude. Pawl has come in search of help against an infestation of ghosts, while Luke bears dire news of dragon slayings.

Lathwi recruits her mother, Taziem, to hunt down and destroy the murderers, and then sets out with Pawl to restore the dead to their rest. Their adventures draw them into the badlands of the south, where they encounter an ambitious warlord, his troubled mage, and a deranged dragonsire.

The balance of continental power hinges on Taziem and Lathwi. Will humans win? Or will dragons?