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The Dragons Redress

A Return to Vasara…

Andy and Abby are set to graduate high school, Emilia is finishing her second year of college. Life had settled into a quiet routine on the banks of the Hudson River after their return from the magical world of Vasara. Where Andy was both dragon and human, and Emilia, the Dragon Summoner of the Faerie Goddess Braylynn.

But Andy knew he was not finished with Vasara. Returning to his own world after defeating the evil wizard, Devon; Andy learns the truth of his origins as well as who his parents really are.

Now he is about to embark upon a new quest, where the lives of nine dragons hang in the balance, as well as coming face to face with Vasara’s oldest enemy. Dark secrets are uncovered, and once brought into the light of day must be dealt with. But Andy is far from alone, as friends old and new join him and his sister on this new adventure.

There will be life and death choices, as are always the way in quests such as this, but will Andy and Emilia have the strength to make those choices, or will it in the end, drive them mad and apart.

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