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From Darrell Award Finalist and  Book Country’s About the Book Runner-Up author Andrea Murray

The Vivid Trilogy takes readers on a twisting adventure that fans of superheroes will devour.

She will finally learn the truth, but it will change her whole world.

After barely escaping the Liaisons’ facility with their lives, Vivian Cartwright and her friends are on the run from Hoyt and his remaining Liaisons, the gifted teenagers he has collected from around the world. Armed with the clues she stole from her uncle’s twisted mind, she is resolved to find her long-lost father. Guided by her dreams and her power, she sees fleeting images of a man with kind green eyes and a reassuring voice. With only a starting point and these strange visions, Vivian, Easton, Abby, Cooper, and Wyck set an undetermined road course.

But before she can begin her quest, she must help Wyck locate his mother. The journey brings them closer than ever and creates growing tension between Wyck and Easton, making Vivian more and more confused about her feelings for them while juggling her anger and excitement at finally meeting her father and still learning to control her abilities.

Vivian comes face to face with a surprising twist that turns her world upside-down and learns that her father’s devotion is unlimited but not before she must face off against Hoyt one final time.  In this shocking conclusion of The Vivid Trilogy, Vivian will finally learn the truth, but it will change everything.

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