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In this exciting sequel to Vivid, seventeen-year-old Vivian Cartwright must face the past she can’t outrun.

After Charlotte is killed by the same mysterious man who caused her mother’s death, Vivian flees to protect Abby and Easton, knowing that if she stays, Hoyt will return. Vowing to find the father she’s never seen, she spends months on the road, trying to move on with her lonely life and the gift she never wanted while searching for answers to why she has been cursed with her power.

Vivian’s running doesn’t diminish the uncanny, paranormal bond between Easton and her. This connection literally brings him walking through the door of the diner where Vivian works, but their bittersweet reunion is short-lived when Hoyt, her black-eyed nemesis, kidnaps Abby and Cooper.

Hoyt gives Vivian no alternative; she must join his secret organization to keep her friends alive, but she is only one of several gifted teenagers belonging to a corrupt group called the Liaisons. Through Hoyt’s training, she discovers she has more abilities than she ever dreamed. She joins with Wyck, a sinfully handsome twin and computer genius. Together, she and her unlikely ally discover the truth about the organization and its strange connection to her family. However, unlocking the secrets behind the lies will lead to the biggest betrayal of all.

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