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This book is truly a standout fantasy novel.

Debra, an customer

When a dragon is offered a human sacrifice, the theory is, dinner is served, right? But what if the dragons figures the meal isn’t all that tasty? Lathwi is about to find out.

Offered as the annual sacrifice, she’s left to feed and pacify the local dragon, but Taziem has different ideas. Really, why eat a scrawny girl when she can take down a big yummy cow? Taziem takes Lathwi to her cave and raises her with her dragon-babies, in hopes of getting the one thing more important to a dragon than food – knowledge.

While Taziem learns more about humans, Lathwi learns and grows as a dragon, until one day a magical conflict in the human realm forces Lathwi back into the world that forsook her. The question is, will her dual nature stop the evil threatening both the humans and the dragons, or will the evil destroy all she cares about?

And don’t miss the sequel, The Dragon Reborn